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The Best Get Rest -Christina


The Best Get Rest

Have you ever heard someone proudly exclaim that they frequently work late, never call out sick and rarely take vacation days? Maybe you are that person? Do you feel guilty taking time to rest?

Our culture promotes a constant state of being busy and technology has made working around the clock the norm. There are more and more demands on your time, both at work and outside of it, which can leave you feeling drained. As one of my favorite social scientists, Brene Brown says, when did exhaustion become a status symbol?

Why is rest so important? For an athlete, it is important to rest in between work-out sessions, to allow for rebuilding and repair of the muscles. Without that time to rest and repair, an athlete can cause serious damage to their body. The concept is the same for our mental health and overall well-being. If we do not allow ourselves time to rest, we are permitting ourselves to become both physically and mentally exhausted. Giving yourself permission to rest will allow you to recharge and manage the other important areas of your life more effectively.

Rest does not only mean sitting with your feet up all day (though that sounds nice too!). Rest includes spending time engaging in activities that refuel you, spending time connecting with the people that you care about and allowing yourself to do things for simple enjoyment.

Set healthy boundaries for yourself to combat exhaustion and mental fatigue. Schedule some unscheduled time just to rest.

Remember, the best get rest! -Christina

Joshua Salvage