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Enjoy the Journey -Joshua


We all travel through valleys and climb high peaks. Sometimes we wish we could stay on the high peaks for as long as we seem to stay cemented in the valleys.

If your life isn’t what you thought it would be is it better, worse or just different? If you find yourself wanting to recreate your life for the first two months of the year only to lose steam, it may be time to accept that there is a new dream awaiting your approval. Of course, I’m not suggesting that you give up on your dream, but there are times where dreams are only meant for a chapter of your life. Personally, I’ve held on to dreams for too long which distracted me from realizing that I had another dream waiting for me. I had to give myself permission to let go of that dream, so I could embrace the dream that was waiting for me.

So, as you consider your life, I want you to think about what you want to accomplish in the next 5, 10 and 15 years. Are you on the right path to achieve this? If not, what moves do you need to make to get into a position that leads to success. Death and taxes are things that we have accepted as being certain in life. I’d also like to add that valleys and mountain top experiences are also a certainty. I’ll leave you with some wisdom that my father-in-law has encouraged me with over the years as I pursued a higher education, new career advancements and half marathons. It’s really simple, but it means so much. “Enjoy the journey.” -Joshua

Joshua Salvage