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Do What You Do -Micah


What do you do? Why do you do it? What is your passion? What is your why? There is so much focus in the world today about finding your passion, pursuing what you love or pieces of advice focused building your career or taking it to new heights. I would encourage you to consider an alternative. Most of us firmly believe that people have strengths and weaknesses. Additionally, we are willing to spend enormous amounts of time and energy focusing on weaknesses and improving them or perhaps more accurately focusing on improving areas where we do not excel. If this describes you and you are frustrated with your pursuit of that concept, I would encourage you to consider the following:

"Do what you do and don't do what you don't do. Because if you do what you don't do and don't do what you do, you will have struggles."

Confusing? Double talk? It's not. Read it again and break it down. It's advice to focus on what you do well and to find others who can assist you in what you don't do well. Does it benefit you to spend hours, days, months, or possibly years attempting to improve something in your career or business when there are others who may excel at it easily? I hardly think so. Focus on what you do well and use that as the foundation to build, develop and further your career. Your unique skills, talents and abilities were bestowed on you and you alone for a reason. Don't waste them by doing what you don't do.


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